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991_regular_so_cal_real_estate_join[1]Translation and other language services require more than just language knowledge and vocabulary. A translator must live in the languages in which he/she is offering service. Otherwise, the meaning or the spirit of the source text may be lost in translation, which is hardly ever the desired result. This is why we recruit translators who translate only into their native language, who are experienced in their fields, and who are dedicated to connect people by using their language skills.

We guarantee you the best translator team ever!

BETA Translation has a professional team. We have experienced translators and editors who are all experts in their fields. We work hard night and day to build bridges between two languages, two cultures. Thanks to our dependable and well-educated team of translators who receive regular training courses to keep theirselves informed of the latest news, technological advances and computer software relevant to their field of expertise, BETA Language Services is always one step ahead.

An experienced translator is able to translate approximately 3 to 4 thousand words (20-25 pages) per day – which can increase or decrease depending on the context and structure of the text. Our experienced translators work really hard to achieve the highest quality in the sector.

We have dynamic and creative translators who are experienced in their fields. Translation texts are carefully analysed and reviewed by talented editors. We do our job perfectly and this is why you can trust us.

We have built strong relationships with our respectable customers from Turkey and all around the world based on mutual respect, honesty, safety, integrity, and sincerity. We are growing day by day to serve you in the best way!

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