Firstly spoken in Anglo-Saxon England, English became the universal language of all world. According to the statistics, there are nearly 350 million native speakers of English. As English adopted the Latin vocabulary, it has changed to a great extent in modern era.

BETA Translation Services render its best in English. As you know, English is a global language. It is called as lingua franca all over the world. It is the first language of so many states in the world such as America, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. English is the source of communication language, science, technology, art, economy, politics, entertainment and diplomacy. Being the world’s most important language, English has an ultimate place in the world. Having a worldwide reputation, English comes to first all the time. BETA Translation, with its qualified and experienced translators, present you dependable, accurate and best translations in English all the time.

English language requires speciality. Our all translators have experienced in medical, technical, legal, academic translations. And to render the best service our translators and interpreters work all time. All of them are mastered in English.

Knowing only the source language is not enough to translate a text. But a translator has to know both source language and target language best. That’s why translation from Turkish to English and from English to Turkish have equal importance.

Our qualified staff communicate with you in every languages and give you the best translation service. Please contact with us if you wish to take detailed information about it.